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Moss Park Cadets plant wildflowers

FRW needs and appreciates your volunteer support.

Volunteers meet people, have fun and help the environment.

Volunteers improve their skills and employment opportunities.

Volunteers protect and restore valuable habitat.

Please contact FRW's Volunteer Coordinator at (416) 208-0252.


Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Restore  plant wildflowers and trees, place rodent guards and mulch around trees;
  • Seed  collect, clean, store and plant native tree and wildflower seeds;
  • Create  build, erect and monitor bird boxes, raptor posts, habitat structures, trails; 
  • Monitor  monitor birds, mammals, amphibians, water quality, etc and take photographs;
  • Protect  attend meetings and provide feedback on key issues to promote environmental protection;
  • Fundraise  assist FRW staff with the implementation of fund raising activities;
  • Outreach  take displays to community events to promote awareness, support and involvement;
  • Events  assist with event coordination, hospitality, food, first aid, displays and parking;
  • Administer  assist with filing, photocopying, updating databases, phoning, faxing, Emailing;
  • Research  gather and organize information for presentation;
  • Record  create a media file on newspaper, magazine, and video clips about the Rouge;
  • Communicate  help create, maintain and present multi-media communication tools on key issues;