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Canadian Government

FRW appreciates support from the federal
government and local Members of Parliament
(left to right) MP John McKay (Scarborough
East), MP John Cannis (Scarborough Centre)
and MP Derek Lee (Scarborough Rouge River).

Staff from the Great Lakes Sustainability
Fund (GLSF) and MP Derek Lee (4th
from right) Tour FRW Planting Sites in
Rouge Park on June 26, 2003.

MP Derek Lee (4th from left) and EcoAction's
Kim Colavecchia (to his right) and Planting
Volunteers at Lucas Site in the Spring of 2002.

Two of FRW's major supporters over the last five years have been the Great Lakes Sustainability Fund (GLSF) ( and EcoAction Canada (

Funding from these excellent Environment Canada programs has been essential to the development and implementation of FRW's successful, community-based, environmental improvement projects.

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) is another important federal partner. HRDC helps FRW to hire three to five students each year through summer career placement funding. The students gain practical job skills and training in restoration ecology, and they earn money to help pay for their University and College tuition. HRDC also helps FRW to hire recent University and College graduates as full time staff through its Youth Internship Program.

Another federal program called, Young Canada Works, helps FRW to hire summer students from other regions of Canada. Through this program, FRW has employed students from as far west as Alberta and as far east as Quebec and New Brunswick. This program encourages the development of inter-provincial friendships and knowledge which in turn promotes understanding and unity between the diverse regions of Canada.