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Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

TRCA Staff Billy To and Chandra Sharma,
with Councillor Cho at Multicultural 
Morningside Tributary Site with
FRW Summer staff Marek, Neil and Jeff.

FRW's Rob Johnson receives his 2003
Rouge Park Award from Brian Denny (right)
of the TRCA and Ron Christie (left) of
the Rouge Park.

TRCA Tractor prepares soil for native
wildflower seeding by FRW in May, 2002.

TRCA staff Gary Bowen and Sue Cummings
with the Duffin Carruthers Watershed Plan.

FRW greatly appreciates our many productive partnerships with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).  In 1998, FRW worked closely with TRCA staff Billy To and Chandra Sharma during the development of a Multicultural community involvement program within the Morningside Tributary of the Rouge Park.

Over the last several years, Brian Denney, current CAO of the TRCA, has been a regular participant and supporter of FRW planting projects and events.

FRW purchases many trees from the TRCA Nursery each year for planting in the Rouge Park. FRW appreciates the TRCA's efforts to collect and grow seed from locally adapted native trees and shrubs. The TRCA Nursery produces high quality native trees and shrubs with a good root to shoot ratio and good prospects for survival and growth.

FRW also contracts the TRCA's tractor for some of our site preparation work.

As the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority website ( ) notes:

Clean water is the cornerstone of life. The best way to protect water is to manage it on a watershed basis - protecting both water and the land it flows through.

The TRCA's traditional role involved flood plain protection, fill regulation within valleys and hazard lands and alterations to waterways.

With cutbacks at provincial and federal levels, the TRCA's role has needed to expand in areas such as fish habitat policy, groundwater resources, biodiversity and landscape ecology.

FRW supports the ecosystem approach to watershed planning which is evolving at the TRCA. The production of the Duffin Carruthers Watershed Strategy represents significant progress in the art and science of watershed planning and protection.

FRW is a member of the TRCA Task Force, which will create a watershed strategy and water budget for the Rouge River. We trust this Task Force will develop a strategy for protecting and enhancing water quality, stream flow stability, biodiversity, landscape beauty and Rouge watershed health. We hope this strategy will be judged as visionary 100 years from now.