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Government Environmental Incentive Programs

The following lists a number of Canadian Government Programs that offer environmental incentives to qualified applicants. To learn more about one or more of these programs please contact the appropriate organizations

Program Name:

Program Description:

Eligibility: (e.g., homeowners, businesses, non-profits).


Delivery Agent Contact Info.

Ontario Home Energy Program

- Rebates for home energy improvements

- Homeowners

- up to $5,000 + up to $5,000 from federal government.
- for a total of up to $10,000

Ontario Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure,
900 Bay Street, 4th Floor,
Toronto, ON
T: 416-326-4483

Every Kilowatt Counts (Residential- Public Education)

- Online resource with information about programs, services and searchable database

- See website for more details

- See website for more details

OPA Conservation Bureau,
120 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1600,
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1
T: (416)-967-7474
F: (416)-967-1947

Temporary Retail Sales Tax (RST) exemption on qualifying ENERY STAR products

- RST exemption for certain ENERGY STAR appliances.

- Consumers that purchase, rent or lease ENERGY STAR qualified house-hold products

- Varies on product.

Ontario Ministry of Finance,
7 Queen’s Park Crescent, 7th Floor,
Toronto, ON M7A 1Y7

Ontario Solar Thermal Heating Incentive Program

- Encourage conversion to solar thermal heating

- Ontario businesses, industries, not-for-profits, schools, municipalities

- 25% the cost of the installation of the thermal heating system up to $80,000.

Ministry of Energy,
880 Bay Street, 6th Floor,
Toronto, ON M7A 2C1
Toll Free: 1- 888-668-4636

Go Solar (Educational)

- Information offered by the Clean Air Foundation about Solar Energy.

- See Website for more information.

- See Website for more information

Clean Air Foundation,
201-1216 Yonge St,
Toronto, ON M4T 1W1
T: 416-922-9038 ext. 242
F: 416- 922-1028

GreenLight on a Better Environment

Lower energy and water use
- Includes Energy Audits.

- Social Housing, Multi- Residential
- See website for more details

- See Website for more details

c\o SHSC,
390 Bay Street, Suite 710,
Toronto, ON M5H 2Y2
T: 416-594-9325 F: 416-594-9422

Ontario PST rebate on renewable installations

- Encourage the use of renewable technologies.

- See Website for more details.

- Full- Rebate on enhancement or installation PST for renewable equipment.

Ministry of Revenue Refund Unit,
1600 Champlain Ave.,
Whitby ON L1N 9B2
Hotline: 1-800-615-2757

Geo-Energy component of Ontario Home Energy Program

- For a replacement of existing Heating/ Cooling System (CAN/CSA-C448 compliant ground- or water- source heat pump)

- Homeowners

-$7,000 or for a replacement or existing geo-energy unit

Ontario Ministry of Energy,
900 Bay Street, 4th Floor,
Toronto, ON
T: 416-326-4483

Residential Retail Sales Tax Rebate (RST)

- Rebate of RST for new solar & wind energy,micro-hydro-electric systems & geothermal systems

- Homeowners

- Varies on Product.

Ontario Ministry of Finance,
7 Queen’s Park Crescent, 7th Floor,
Toronto, ON M7A 1Y7


- Allows grid-connected electricity customer’s, who installs his or her own renewable generation equipment, to return electricity to the grid for credit against consumption.

- Homeowners

- See Website for Details.

Ontario Ministry of Energy& Infrastructure,
900 Bay Street, 4th Floor,
Toronto, ON
T: 416-326-4483

My Home- Rebates and Programs

Conserve Energy and increase long-term efficiency in your home.

- See Website

- $15 to $300 rebate, varies on appliance, see website for more details

Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.,
Residential Marketing,
P.O. Box 725,
Scarborough, ON M1K 0A3
Attn: Rebate Processing

Government of Canada Transit Pass Tax Credit

- Federal Income tax will credit for the use of weekly or longer duration TTC passes.

- Weekly or longer duration public transit passes and electronic payment cards. KEEP PROOF OF PURCHASE

- Total of amount of passes used that year multiplied by lowest personal income tax rate (eg. 15% in 2007)


City of Toronto Residential Toilet Replacement Program

- Save money on your water bill and reduce water usage.
- To reduce water use

- Own or rent residential property in Toronto with existing toilets with a flush volume of 13 Litres or more

-$60- $75 Cash Incentive

Toronto Water: Water Efficiency Program,
1530 Markham Road, 4th Floor,
Toronto, ON M1B 3G4
T: 416-392-7000
E-Mail: savewater@toronto,ca


Directory of Energy Efficiency in Canada:

Environment Canada; Funding and Incentives: