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Provide In-kind Support

Toyota Truck with trailer about to be
loaded with spruce trees.

Toronto Works helps FRW to restore
borow-pit by creating wetlands,
ponds and nature trails

Toronto Zoo Loader helps FRW spread sand
around wetlands and ponds for plantings.

Photo of Unilever_Canada_Supports_FRW_Plantings_with_Funding_and_Volunteers
Unilever Canada supports FRW plantings
with funding and volunteers.

By donating in-kind goods and services, you can help FRW to protect and enhance the Rouge Park. For example, Toyota Canada generously provides an excellent T100 pick-up truck for moving trees, supplies and people. 

Below please find a list of other in-kind supplies and services needed for our restoration work: 


  • a reliable heavy duty (one ton+) truck to carry a 3,000 pound watering tank;
  • a heavy duty trailer with a hydraulic dump to move mulch, logs, trees and supplies.

Heavy Equipment

  • a skid steer loader to move mulch, logs and rocks;
  • a 4x4 backhoe loader to dig frog ponds and wetands;
  • a tractor with plow and roto-tiller for preparing planting sites;
  • a D5 bulldozer to create wetlands and prepare planting sites and trails;
  • a large tracked excavator to help create wetland and pond areas.

Topsoil and Sand

  • clean sand fill and sandy topsoil to prepare the Beare Landfill for plantings

Computers and Peripherals

  • a modern laptop computer with Powerpoint presentation capability;
  • a modern multi-media projector for visual presentations to schools; and
  • two Pentium IV computers and two energy efficient TFT monitors.

Clothing and Supplies

  • workboots, gloves, rugged workpants, hats, high-quality sunglasses;
  • rubber boots, chest-waders or hip-waders, rain gear and cold season parka;
  • heavy duty shovels, light chainsaw, heavy duty wheel barrows.

Photography and Photocopying Supplies

  • print and slide film, film processing services and a digital camera;
  • black and white and colour photocopying services.   

Your Support is appreciated!

Please contact us with any inquiries regarding in-kind support or sponsorship.

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