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Photo of Trumpeter_Swans_visit_FRW_Wetland_Creation_Area
Rare Trumpeter Swans visit FRW
Wetland Creation Area during Tecumseh
School Planting

FRW appreciates our many partnerships with schools in Toronto, York and Durham Regions.

Each year, FRW involves approximately 40 schools and 2,500 students in our "Green Watershed" and "Clean Air" projects.  

FRW projects provide students with an opportunity to learn about the Rouge Park, watershed protection, and ecological restoration, through first hand experience. 

Since FRW's President, Kevin O'Connor, is a teacher, our staff are trained to address science and geography curriculum topics during our plantings and follow-up nature walks.  The planting  experience brings science and geography to life, increasing student interest and understanding.   

FRW's office is located at Hillside Outdoor Education School, a historic Toronto District School Board (TDSB) school located within the Rouge Park. Hillside provides outdoor and environmental education field trips for several thousand TDSB students each year.

In the spring and fall, Hillside involves many of its classes in FRW planting projects. In return, FRW has helped Hillside to raise funds and restore native trees, shrubs and wildflowers around the perimeter of its school grounds. FRW has also helped Hillside to create a frog pond with a solar-powered water circulation pump and beautiful aquatic and wetland wildflowers.

Although FRW's restoration efforts are focussed on the Rouge Park and Watershed, we also help a few schools each year with habitat regeneration projects within their school grounds. FRW has assisted the following schools with habitat regeneration:

Many other schools have participated in FRW Rouge Park plantings over the last several years, including:

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