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Sir Alexander Stirling Public School

In 1997 and 1998, hundreds of students from Sir Alexander Stirling Public School and other schools helped FRW to plant several thousand trees around the Morningside Tributary south of between Morningview Trail and Finch Avenue. 

Sir Alexander Stirling Students
receive Rouge Park Poster after
1997 planting with FRW along
the Morningside Tributary.

Morningside Tributary tree planting looking
northwest towards bridge 1997.

Stream-side shrubs and trees help to reduce erosion and provide shading to keep the stream water clean and cool. The Morningside Tributary provides habitat for trout and a nationally vulnerable fish called the red side dace which need cool, clean water.

The trees and shrubs provide food and shelter for insects which provide food for the trout and red side dace.

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