Friends of the Rouge Watershed Logo

Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute

The 2002 Clean Air Essay Contest Prize
Presentations took place at Birchmount on
Earth Day.

Students plant Birchmount Wildflower
Garden with FRW help in spring 2001.

Birchmount's Principal and Vice
Principals stand beside the beautiful result
of the students' work.

Cathy Gregorio, one of the founding members of FRW, is a teacher at Birchmount Collegiate Institute.

In 2002, Cathy and the Birchmount Environment Club hosted the awards presentations for FRW’s Clean Air Essay contest.  Birchmount students and great volunteers like Alex Glazirin also participate in FRW's Rouge Park planting events.

In 2001, FRW helped Birchmount C.I. to create a native wildflower garden at the front entrance to the school.  FRW worked with students to prepare the planting site with sand and wood chips.  FRW supplied suitable wildflowers and trained the students in wildfower identification, planting and care.  Over three hundred wildflowers of 20 different species were planted.

FRW also helped Birchmount Collegiate to plant several trees to provide a windbreak at the northwestern end of the school.  The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Toronto Atmospheric Fund's Cool School Program helped to support these prjects.